Or how to take your software business to the next level

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Single person software development is the source and cornerstone of bright and great ideas. Nothing can overcome the power of conviction of a single person in front of a computer keyboard and a unique revolutionary idea.

Nevertheless, there is a point in the journey when it is time to invite others on board and embrace the journey together. This is an important and decisive inflection point from where there is no way back. But, is your ship ready to sail through the journey of collaborative software development? …

Single responsibility principle and controllers

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Controller classes are at the heart of any API driven development. Unlike what you may believe, writing a controller requires a certain level of technical skills and discipline to avoid falling into an entangled forest of hidden endpoint routes. But, what are the main points to keep in mind when writing the ideal controller?

API in a nutshell

Wait! Feel free to skip this section if you already are a super-duper experienced API developer.

Julio M. Fernandez

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